About TimE Food Solutions

TimE Food Solutions dates back to 2003 and initially the focus was on food industry. Since the accession in 2010 of Atie van Olst as co-owner of TimE Food Solutions main focus is on marketing & communications in agro & food.

Agro & Food…

Atie van Olst has comprehensive experience, gathered in a period of 30 years, especially in (chain) marketing of concepts in (fresh) food. Before starting as co-owner of TimE Food Solutions, she had jobs in the meat and seafood business. As a consultant / partner in a strategic marketing agency she worked for many clients in agro & food (a.o. meat, dairy and vegetables). The emphasis on fresh underlines her strong affinity with primary production level: farmer, breeder and grower. Bringing their (preferably pure, authentic and sustainable) products and innovative concepts to the consumer with enthusiasm and passion, that’s at the base for her experience. Sustainable farming, with respect for nature and biodiversity, is a theme requiring more and more attention.

… and other focus areas

But TimE Food Solutions is not only the answer for those active in agro & food. Examples of former projects are internal branding training for an educational platform, copy writing for brand books (telecommunications and energy industry) and a PR campaign for an A brand in kitchen appliances. When she lived in Singapore (2016 – 2018) Atie was the owner of HOI, a network association for Dutch speaking people in Singapore. She organized relocation courses and many social and cultural activities. Communication activities for HOI included webdesign and content management, newsletters, social media and the booklet ‘Wie Wat Waar in Singapore’.


TimE Food Solutions offers longstanding experience for initiating, coordinating and implementing projects. TimE Food Solutions makes a difference in project management with an exceptional high level of commitment and involvement. In close cooperation with our principals we prepare each and every project in a strictly professional manner. In this way we guarantee clear objectives, deliverables and control aspects right from the start of the project. We are highly focused on proper processes and results, with eye for detail. A high sense of responsibility and an accurate and systematic approach help dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. And it’s in our nature to bring parties together: co-acting and connecting are drivers for success.

Interim solutions

TimE Food Solutions also offers interim job solutions. Do you need temporary staff? Thanks to our expertise and comprehensive experience, TimE Food Solutions can provide you with a flexible marketing professional, especially for brand, product and communication management.